With multiple stages in Western Europe and the United States, Dr. Mihai Aşchilian is not only a highly trained plastic surgeon, but a specialist with a strong sense of aesthetics, for whom medically impeccable interventions are everyday practice.

He believes that patients should be treated responsibly and carefully, from the initial consultation to full recovery, and that plastic surgery opens the way to restoring confidence and the beauty desired. In plastic surgery there is no place for illusions, therefore, understanding the needs of those who ask for help is crucial, as it determines the success of an operation. Whatever the case, Dr. Aşchilian listens to his patients and makes necessary recommendations, not being afraid to honestly express opinions when there is no urgent need for surgery and expectations are unrealistic.

Professional internships in major European clinics

Following to a serious accident suffered as a child, Dr. Aşchilian has developed a passion for medicine, which led him to pursue a medical education at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” in Cluj-Napoca, and later among the members of the Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (DAFPRS). Of the 648 candidates from around the world competing for the title of Fellow of the Association, Dr. Mihai Aşchilian was selected the fifth. This title gave him the opportunity to work with some of the most respected plastic surgeons in Europe. Along with doctors Alexis Verpaele, no. 1 facelift specialist in Europe, and Patrick Tonnard he solved numerous cases of reference in the aesthetic surgery of the face and breast. He improved the skills necessary to achieve breast reconstruction operations at the Ghent University Hospital. Prof. Dr. Koenrad Van Landuyt and Prof. Dr. Moustapha Hamdi, who find themselves among the top five breast reconstruction specialists in the world, have been his mentors and helped him to acquire the most important techniques in the field. Also, as a fellow of DAFPRS, he operated the first cases of facial feminization surgery, under the supervision of Dr. Bart van der Ven of the Ghent Coupure Centrum.

The exchange of experience continued in 2011, at the Erasmus Hospital in Rotterdam, where he focused on facial plastic surgery (under the direction of Jacques van der Meulen) and by the end of the year, he added to his CV also the collaboration with two of the renowned plastic surgery specialist in Germany, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gubisch and Dr. Helmut Fischer from the Marienhospital, Stuttgart. In 2012, he returned to Marienhospital to perform one of the most complex nasal reconstruction interventions of his career. The same year, he attended a professional training at the St. Geneviève Clinic in Paris and an internship at the Villa Bella Clinic in Italy, operating alongside the famous Giovanni Botti.

In 2013, Dr. Mihai Aşchilian had the opportunity to assist Dr. Timothy Marten, at the Marten Clinic of Surgery in San Francisco, one of the best specialists of the United States in face aesthetic surgery.

Passion for reconstructive plastic surgery; or how to restore the patients’ chance for a normal life

For Dr. Mihai Aşchilian plastic surgery goes hand in hand with reconstructive surgery, which is why during residency he trained at the Centre SOS Main Strasbourg, France. Renowned specialists in hand surgery, Dr. Guy Foucher and François Marin-Braun have trained him ​​in this field, therefore Dr. Aşchilian manages now to rehabilitate patients who are about to lose functionality of the upper limbs.

Since 2010, Mihai Aşchilian is head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Clinic of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery no. I, in Cluj-Napoca.


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