Pro bono surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery should not be reserved exclusively for patients with a good financial situation. Since health insurances, most of the times, do not cover such interventions and patients are condemned to bear the stigma of physical trauma for all their life, Dr. Mihai Aşchilian performs monthly a pro bono reconstructive plastic surgery.

Patients included in this program are selected depending on the severity of the case, after having forwarded a file containing the disease history and other useful information. The pro bono interventions performed are: post-mastectomy breast reconstruction, nose or ear reconstruction after trauma or tumor resection, hand surgery, scars or post-burns sequelae etc.

Regardless of social position, every patient should have access to equal medical treatment and the chance to a normal life, all the more reason after having suffered a serious physical injury, which is likely to affect their quality of life. By developing this program Dr. Aşchilian wants to help patients resume their daily activities, without any complex.

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