The Szabo Robert grant

Due to obesity and high blood pressure, millions of people have difficulties in integrating into society; they are exposed daily to the risk of serious cardiac or renal disease, while many of them lose their battle with the affliction. The two diseases are more and more outspread in Romania; the evolution of society seems to contribute decisively to the negative statistics.

Starting from a sad episode happened in his family, Dr. Aşchilian initiated a grant program meant to stimulate research in prevention and treatment of obesity and high blood pressure. The annual scholarship is intended for resident doctors in Romania.

The conditions of enrollment in the Szabo Robert program: Submit a research project on obesity and / or high blood pressure, accompanied by a CV.

Details about the grant: The selected candidate will benefit from books and international professionalization internships in the amount of 1,000 Euros.

Deadline: Applications may be submitted until December 20 of each year, at the e-mail:

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