Aesthetic surgery of the hand

In the process of time not only facial features but also hands are being marked, they become translucent, the venation and tendons become visible, unesthetically highlighting the bone structure and the finger joints. The loss of hand skin suppleness is caused by the atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue, especially in the interosseous spaces.

Informations about the medical procedure

Wishing not to give away their age and to be able to show their hands without restraint, patients take to one of the most effective rejuvenation procedures, the dorsal hand lipofilling (own fat injection). Basically, the doctor restores the volumetric look of the hand and tones the skin by injecting fat, lipoaspirated from another area of ​​the body and prepared in a special way; the transferred fat will create a uniform layer of fatty tissue, cloaking the time passage effects by seven or eight injections around the palm, transferring the fat, thus creating an even layer of fatty tissue.

The intervention may be associated with various methods of skin rejuvenation (chemical peels or laser therapy), for removing stains from hands.


The surgeon will explain to the patient the details of the procedure they will undergo, showing images from their own archive, meant to exemplify the results obtained in the past, by lipofilling at the level of the hand.


The procedure takes up to one hour.


The lipofilling procedure for the back side of the hand is usually done under local or loco regional anesthesia.


After such an intervention, patients are not admitted, save the cases where for medical reasons sedation or general anesthesia was resorted to. In this situation, the patient is hospitalized for about 12-24 hours.

Side effects and surgical risks

There are the risks associated to any type of intervention.

After surgery advice

Gentle massage of the hands is recommended


About a week before the operation, it is recommended not to use aspirin, antineuralgic or anti-inflammatory drugs.


The patient can resume work as with the third day after the procedure.