Brow lift

As years go by and under the influence of daily stress, facial skin loses elasticity, eyebrows start to look down and the furrows between the eyes become more prominent.

Informations about the medical procedure

An important procedure in plastic surgery, brow rejuvenation plays a corrective role and serves to redefine the superior features of the face. The actual procedure consists of scissing the soft tissues, which favors lowering the eyebrows and raising them in a natural position, in harmony with the other facial features, in order to become again physically agreeable persons.

Intervention addresses both women and men who want to lose the sad eyes look and regain their youthfulness.


During the consultation, patients are informed on the procedure they shall undergo. There are situations where the eyebrow lift can be linked with other aesthetic interventions recommended by the specialist in order to obtain the desired result.


An hour or two, depending on the need to link this intervention with a face or a temporal lift, or a fat injection.


The operation is performed under local anesthesia of the patient, although some specialists take to general anesthesia sometimes.


In some cases, hospitalization is required for patients who have undergone such an intervention.

Side effects and surgical risks

Complications are generally minimal. There may be bruising, ecchymosis (contusions) or local infection, but they are easily treated with an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory treatment.

After surgery advice

Avoid touching the operated area and contact your doctor should you feel strong pain.


This intervention is not recommended to patients with a history of slow skin healing or to those prone to keloids. Therefore, the plastic surgeon may refuse surgery.


Usually, patients can return to work within seven to ten days after surgery.