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In cosmetic surgery there are several facelift techniques, but the specialist chooses the procedure that best fits the singularity and needs of the patient. Procedure is performed through an incision above the hair insertion up to the temples, extending to the pre auricular area and behind the ears to more effectively mask scars. Then underlying tissues are repositioned since their dropping causes the appearance of aging skin, then excessive skin is removed. Finally, the skin is beautifully relayed, the incisions are carefully closed and beauty is enhanced again. Often, this procedure is associated with volume restoration by injecting own fat in the areas of facial atrophy, occurred with time.

To complete the work of rejuvenation, facelift is often combined with a neck lift. The surgeons’ mission in this area is to set out the jaw line and to tone the neck. To do this, he must eliminate not only the skin in the neck area, but also pre and retro platysmal fat, to strain the platisma muscle, harmonizing with the result achieved by the facelift.

Aesthetic surgery may restore to a woman the pleasure of looking in the mirror, on the condition that the esthetician shall not move away from the authentic image of the patient, not fall into the trap of standardized “perfection”, because a face excessively intervened on is not harmonious, but simply artificial.