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In most cases, patients who address this intervention accuse prominent, hanging, ears but also small, underdeveloped ears or various deformities of the cartilage. The procedure is addressed generally to 5-14 years old children as the cartilage is more easily shaped at this age, what does not mean that adults can not benefit from a correction of the ears, on the contrary.

Otoplasty consists of reshaping the ear cartilage and anchoring it in order to affix the ears to the head and reach a symmetrical and aesthetical view. Reduction otoplasty is a procedure aiming to set the longitudinal diameter of the auricular pavilion by the specific methods of plastic surgery.

There are non-surgical solutions, solving this problem within months, for children less than 6 months old showing prominent ears, important is for the mother to identify the problem and address an aesthetic surgery practice as soon as possible.