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A deformed nose not only transforms the overall look of the face, but may be the cause to physical complexes, therefore its aesthetic shortcomings leads patients to see the plastic surgeon. Hence, rhinoplasty is the right remedy for patients dissatisfied with the shape of the nose, it involves a wide range of surgical procedures designed to correct certain deformities or breathing problems, but also to restore a youthful appearance.

This type of surgery is done in two ways: closed and open. The first way requires incisions inside the nostrils extended, in some cases, to the base of the columella. After exposure of the targeted anatomical elements, their resizing and / or repositioning is made, the intervention ends with fine sutures and immobilization of the tissue around the nose with a splint to protect the new shape. Unlike closed rhinoplasty, the open one involves creating a wider access, which allows more extensive and complex changes (septoplasty, turbinectomy, cartilage/fascia grafts, etc.).

Rhinoplasty does not address only to patients who wish a nicer nose, but also those with breathing problems caused by possible congenital septal deviations or resulting from trauma. Besides the pleasant appearance, a nose must also be functional and rhinoplasty is the answer to both desires.