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Botox or hyaluronic acid injections, although simpler to perform compared to traditional plastic surgery, require a good training and dexterity of the specialist who performs them because the main risk associated with this type of procedure is unnatural and unaesthetic appearance of the lips. The intervention is done under local anesthesia, a single injection is usually sufficient to produce the desired effects. The intervention can be done on a lip or both, depending on the preferences.

Lip augmentation is considered a non-invasive intervention, with a reassuring effect for the entire face and immediate and visible results. In order to maintain the results, however, the intervention should be repeated every six-nine month.

Regardless of the benefits offered by non-surgical treatments, there are cases in which lip augmentation is not the right solution to rejuvenate the lower face area.

When the distance between the lips and the nose radix is too sizable, injection with fillers is not effective. In this situation, the patients resort to lip lift, a procedure that is performed through a small incision in the natural furrows of the face, which does not leave any outward sign, and has an astonishing effect on the lips.