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Growing up with gynecomastia or “Man – boobs” has been a lengthy and hugely embarrassing time of my life. This is the reason why I spent  a lot of time and effort into trying to get rid of them I wanted to look good, feel good and be confident in my appearance.

I tried dieting, lifting weights and various other exercises  but nothing was giving me the end result that I was looking for. This is when I started looking into surgery. Research on the internet and various phone calls, some made me realise that this type of surgery was not going to be cheap if I wanted to do it in London.

I then met a friend who had recently completed the same procedure but in Romania. He was very happy with the result that he instantly recommended that I contact Dr. Aschilian in Cluj.

I never looked back from that point onwards.

Dr. Aschilian explained the process to me from the preparations , the procedure itself as well as the required after care. It is true to say that Dr. Aschilian and his team were exceptional. I felt that they had my interests at heart and were determined to do what was the best for me. The procedure was not painful and the clinic was very pleasant and a good place to recover. All of this at approximately half of what  I would have paid in the UK.

Whilst discussing potential future treatments, Dr. Aschilian introduced me to Dr. Ziad Khadaroo who specialises in dermatology and hair transplant. Dr. Khadaroo was very easy to talk to and came across very knowledgeable given his training at a  Specialised Clinic in Paris.

Overall, my time in Romania and with Dr. Aschilian has changed my life and I would strongly recommend the same to anyone who is thinking of doing this procedure.